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Table 3 Output comparison across tools

From: GenTB: A user-friendly genome-based predictor for tuberculosis resistance powered by machine learning

Criteria GenTB TB-Profiler Mykrobe
1) Output    
 Type Heatmap and barplot Overview tables Overview table
 Download All intermediate and output files (JSON) Yes (CSV) Yes (JSON)
2) Genotypic predictions Probability Binary Binary
3) Error rate Yes N.A. N.A.
4) Resistance variants Variant by drug Variant by drug incl. fraction of mutant/wild-type allele Variant by drug incl. depth of mutant and wild-type alleles
5) Unknown variants Yes, in all genes Yes, in candidate resistance genes No
6) M. tuberculosis Lineage    
 Main lineage Yes Yes Yes
 Sublineage Yes Yes Yes
 Typing scheme Yes No No
7) Quality metrics Trimming and contamination report No. of reads, Percentage of reads mapped No