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Table 1 Evaluation of the species identification of 50 Klebsiella spp. isolates by MALDI-TOF mass spectra using ribosomal marker mass profiles. Species identification of 800 MALDI-TOF mass spectra using 110 marker mass profiles was compared to the species identification assigned using WGS data. Specificity and sensitivity were computed on two levels: (i) whether the assignment to K. pneumoniae group or K. oxytoca group was correct (= “Group level”) and (ii) whether the correct species within each group could be assigned (= “Species level”)

From: Whole-genome sequence-informed MALDI-TOF MS diagnostics reveal importance of Klebsiella oxytoca group in invasive infections: a retrospective clinical study

Species identification by WGS Identification of MALDI-TOF mass spectra using Marker Mass profiles based on 25 pre-defined ribosomal subunit proteins
  Group level Species level
  Sensitivity [%] Specificity [%] Sensitivity [%] Specificity [%]
K. pneumoniae 98.8 100 70.0 100
K. variicola 98.1 100 93.1 100
K. oxytoca 99.2 100 80.5 99.4
K. michiganensis 100 100 44.3 100
K. grimontii 99.4 100 70.6 100