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Table 2 Epitope binning for the selected NAbs by competitive ELISA

From: Comprehensive mapping of binding hot spots of SARS-CoV-2 RBD-specific neutralizing antibodies for tracking immune escape variants

  1. Data indicate the percent binding of the second antibody in the presence of the blocking antibody, as compared to that of the second antibody alone. Cells filled in black indicate full competition, in which ≤ 30% of the uncompeted signal is observed; gray indicates intermediate competition, if the signal is between 30 and 70%; and white indicates non-competing, if the signal is ≥ 70%. Antibodies are classified into five groups in different colors based on competition-binding with the control mAbs CB6 (group 1), S309 (group 4), or CR3022 (group 5). Antibodies in group 2 compete with antibodies in group 1 and group 3, while antibodies in group 3 compete with antibodies in group 2 and group 4