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Table 4 Comparison of AD association scores in single cells between cell types as visualized in Fig. 3G

From: Diagnostic Evidence GAuge of Single cells (DEGAS): a flexible deep transfer learning framework for prioritizing cells in relation to disease

Cell type Cell type mean association Number of cells p value
Neuron − 0.35 1329 < 2.2 × 10−16
Oligodendrocyte 0.05 1795 3.42 × 10−2
Astrocyte 0.03 809 3.94 × 10−1
OPC − 0.12 738 1.09 × 10−3
Microglia 0.22 741 1.42 × 10−9
  1. The DEGAS models were trained using neuron, oligodendrocyte, astrocyte, OPC, and microglia cell types. The single cells were split into groups based on their cell type and the mean AD associations of each cell type were evaluated as a correlation. The neuron and microglia groups are bolded to highlight their much higher mean AD association. P values are calculated by treating the association score as a Pearson correlation coefficient